The Steel City

Background/General Info

The Steel City is a marvel of engineering and magical technology implementation. Spanning an area as large as Waterdeep, the city has stood unchanging for nearly 1200 years since its construction finished. The city holds many secrets, mostly due to the passage of time and failure of the inheriting generations to fully comprehend the abilities the city possesses.

Built in 279DR, the city was to be the central hub for trade and colonization on the island. Much labor and material went into the construction of the city, and as such it has marvels unseen in much of Toril. As the city was built, various sages, wizards, warriors, and nobles all contributed ideas to keep the city safe, secure, and strong.

The outer walls of the city are actually a dual-wall system. Two concentric rings of steel, each an armspan thick, ring the entirety of the city, climbing forty feet into the air. At each of the compass points of North, East, West, and South, there is a set of gates that allow passage into and out of the city. These gates also work on a two-fold system, allowing an entering threat to be contained between them until it can be dealt with or neutralized. Guard stations are positioned inside the walls at regular intervals, as well as atop them.

Inside the walls lies the majesty of a city of technological brilliance. The streets are forged from iron, with gold inlays giving directions to major places of importance or to the various districts. Lightposts that glow without flame line each street, keeping visibility during the dark of night. The buildings themselves are marvels of steel, iron, and gold.

The Steel Spire

In the center of the city lies its greatest achievement: The Steel Spire. A tower of shining metal, fully 2,000 feet high and having a diameter of nearly 500 feet. The Steel Spire has also earned the nickname the Shining Spire due to the magical light that sits atop it, shining throughout day and night, as a guide to any who are in need of shelter or defense.

Inside the Spire lies hundreds of floors, each dedicated to a single task or function. Some of these are as simple as maintenance, some as complicated as full wizards’ experimental chambers, but none match the glory of the contents of the 100th floor, where the Steel City Council resides.

The Steel City Council

Reigning over the Steel City lies the Council. The Council is made up of twelve individuals, with a thirteenth as the Council President. Each of these individuals undergo rigorous testing during their interviews to ensure that they work for the Council and only the Council. No outside allegiances, save those of possibly the village or town the prospect hails from, are allowed in a Council member.

Each Council member is governed with the task of ensuring that one section of the duties of the whole of the Council is carried out. Trade, military, magical experimentation and augmentation, these things each have a single Council member as their go-to point. Minor issues can be resolved by the Council member in charge of that department, major issues are reported and brought to the table during full Council meetings to be voted upon.

The current list of Council members is as follows:

  • Lathan Tenthaur, President of the Council
  • Juric El’Manon, Governor of Magic
  • Viera Ponsori, Governor of Trade
  • Hartan Glowstone, Governor of Defense
  • Quiallon Amaranthe, Governor of Habitation
  • Insert rest here when you come up with them

The Steel City

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