Chel’sul’oth is an ancient Drow name for a city below the Island. Translated into Common, it literally means “The City Below”. The city was around long before the drow that inhabited it had come to the island. The Drow have long since abandoned the city due to dangerous forces living in the dark depths of the city that even they did not care to tame or hunt.


The city of Chel’sul’oth is ancient even by elven standards. Built long before the cities of Myth Drannor and most of Faerun, long before the Spellplague and its far-reaching effects, it is completely underground. Built within a chamber hollowed out nearly three miles below the surface by tools that would defy the imagination of the most learned sages, the architecture and splendor of the city is unparalleled. Stone walls sport carvings and murals that depict stories ranging from children’s bedtime tales to historical documentation to acts of war. Crenellations sport the tattered remains of drow banners from when they resided there. Outcroppings of rock hold guard posts and watch stations that look over the major routes in and out of the city.

Most of the buildings are in surprisingly good shape for the length of time they’ve been abandoned. A majority of the structures inside the city are well-preserved, with only a few bearing the marks of damage, mostly from rocks jarring loose from the ceiling and falling on them due to seismic activity.

Buried underneath the city center is what seems to be a crypt at first glance. Tombs of dead men and women branch off from the central chamber. A large tunnel heads down, deep into the rock, eventually shifting from carved and mortared stone into the rough stone of natural walls. This tunnel leads down for half a mile before ending at a large, mechanical, sealed door. Carvings depicting disaster, death, and some great evil adorn the face of the door, though nothing hints at what may lie behind it.


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