Isle of Lost Magic

Into the Depths

Where men have not walked in centuries.

Sent to investigate the strange invaders that seem to be coming from the depths of the Steel Spire, the party ventured downwards in search of some sort of clue as to where they may be coming from.

Happening upon a set of cells with old prisoners’ remains in them, they found the method of torture inflicted on them: A cave bear, chained to a post in a dank stone room. Attempts to befriend the bear seemingly having no effect, they decided it would be best to release the starving animal and give it its’ freedom. The bear, possibly in gratitude, managed to show the party a hidden switch that lowered part of the floor into a grand room, coated in metal plates, gears, and pistons. On the far end of the room loomed a giant door, labeled “Electrical Generation Experiment #5”. With a grinding noise, the door opened revealing a young blue dragon overcoming the effects of what seemed to be some sort of stasis solution.

Enraged by its’ long imprisonment, the dragon tore free the cables connecting it to the walls and ceiling, and proceeded to attack the party. Valiantly defending themselves, they appeared to have nowhere to run to or hide from the angry beast’s attacks. Lightning rained down on the party as the dragon started strafing runs overhead.

The party swordmage came up with a plan to climb the remains of the cabling attached to the raging monster, allowing him and Dulce to attack it up close while Havok continually fired arrows at it from afar. Eventually its defenses were worn down, and it crashed to the ground, flailing in an attempt to free itself of the attackers on its back.



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